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Private Information Policy

Wooree BIO Private Information Policy

Wooree BIO hereby inform how to manage private information (using purpose and method) and what our privacy securement measurements are under Private Information Protection Law Article 30.

  • 01. Collected private information items
  • 02. Collection purpose
  • 03. processing of private information and period of possession
  • 04. the information provided to third party
  • 05. Personal information Reposal
  • 06. Personal information destruction
  • 07. automated information collection & refusal
  • 08. user right
  • 09. person in chage of Personal information prevention
  • 10. Safety securement for personal information
  • 11. Damage remedy
  • 12. video processor installation & operation policy
  • 13. notice obligation of policy change
  • 01(Collected private information items)

    Wooree BIO hereby inform how to manage private information (using purpose and method) and what our privacy securement measurements are under Private Information Protection Law Article 30.

    • 1. Hiring purpose information

      1)Private Distinction Information: Name, Birth, Email, Residence, Contact, Photo

      2)Acamedic record, career record, military record, foreign language, certificate, other educational record, award records and any other working related information

    • 2. Customer management

      Name, Email, TEL

    • 3. Automated collection

      IP Address, cookie, visiting date, service usage, faulty usage

  • 02(Collection purpose)

    Wooree BIO use the collected information only for the specified purpose. All information provided by user shall be used only for the purpose. In case of purpose change, Wooree BIO will ask prior consent.

    • 1. Personal information of applicants

      qualification for application, personal information for employment agreement

    • 2. Customer management (IR, Sales inquiry)

      Customer complaint, Product & Delivery inquiry, Service, IR, etc

    • 3. Automate collection using web-site

      Prevention of inappropriate and/or unauthorized use, prehension of access frequency, statistics of using web site

  • 03(processing of private information and period of possession)

    Wooree BIO will possess and process the collected information for the period as agreed by principals or as regulated by applicable laws.

    • 1. Personal information of applicants

      - Reason: In case of opening, to put in substitute workers

      - Period: 3 months after recruit closing

    • 2. By applicable laws

      1)personal information of retired employee: 3 years (permanance upon agreement)

      2)tax information: 5 years

      3)complaint record: 3 years

      4)supply related such as contract, withdrawal, payment, etc: 5 years

      5)visiting: 6 month

  • 04(the information provided to third party )

    Wooree BIO shall provide the private information within the limit of above article <2> and shall not exceed the limit except following cases of

    • 1) obtaining the prior consents of sharing information under other purpose by principals

      2) getting the request from investigative agency as applicable laws or legal procedures for the purpose of investigation

      3) gaining recognition that it is obviosly necessary for emergency necessity of physical safety, property interest in case that the principals (or his/her legal representative) are unable to express oneself or unable to obtain prior consent by being out of contact.

      4) providing the information as unidentified shape for the purpose of startistics or academic research. Wooree BIO has no third party institute related to personal information provision.

  • 05(Personal information Reposal)

    Wooree BIO shall not disclose the personal information without the consent in case that Wooree BIO make a reposal contract according to the applicable laws. In case of information provision, Wooree BIO shall notify the consignment work and obtain the prior consent if necessary.

    consignment work

    - 비젠아이 : groupware, hiring system, personal informatio maintenance

    - CFO 아카데미 : intra-company labor welfare fund personal information maintenance

    - 헬로인사 : board member payment, year-end tax adjustment

  • 06(Personal information destruction)

    1. Wooree BIO immediately destroy personal information upon accomplished purpose or expired period.

    2. In case that the period has been expired for the information agreed to be possessed by principals or it is obligated to possess after purpose accomplishment, Wooree BIO shall archive the information at another database or difference place.

    3. destruction process & method.


    - Wooree BIO shall select the information due to destruction and destry it under the approval of the person in charge of


    - Any information saved as electronic file shall be deleted by non

    -restorable way and any information printed out shall be ground by pulverizer or incinerated.

  • 07(automated information collection & refusal)
    • 1. purpose of cookies

      Wooree BIO use 'cookies' for the purpose of personally customized service. Cookies are the information

    • 2. Cooking setting and rejection

      Each principal own its right to choose on setting cookies. By selecting option at web browser, principal can choose to allow all cookies or confirm every time or refuse all cookies storage. In case of rejection of cookies storage, there might be difficulty on using a service./p>

      - setting up cookies (internet explorer)

      • ① select 'option' at 'tool' menu
      • ② click 'personal information' tab
      • ③ set up 'personal information level'
  • 08(user right)

    user can recant what has been agreed on personal information collection and provision anytime. By written notice through email or fax, it will be terminated immediately except any obligated matters under applicable laws.

    For a child under age of 14, a legal representative has right to refer personal information or ask to recant what has been agreed related to personal information collection and provision.

  • 09(person in chage of Personal information prevention )

    PIC is reponsible for personal information processing including principals' complaint processing and demage remedy

      ① Chief
      • - division: business management unit
      • - Name: K.H. Cha
      • - Title: President
      • - Tel: 031-599-3117
      • - Email: mskim3@wooree.co.kr
      ② Manager
      • - division: HR Team
      • - Name: M.S. kim
      • - Title: General Manager
      • - Tel: 031-599-3117
      • - Email: mskim3@wooree.co.kr
  • 10(Safety securement for personal information)

    Wooree BIO takes safety measures to keel personal information away from loss, robbery, leak, falsification.

  • 11(Damage remedy)

    The principals may make an inquiry to below institutes for damage remedy caused by an infringement. Yet, below institutes are not related to Wooree BIO. If any results obtained with below institues, please make an inquiry to Wooree BIO.

    • Personal Information Protection Center (Korea Internet & Security Agency operations).

      Tel: 118 / http://www.privacy.kisa.or.kr

    • Supreme Prosecutors Office (cyber crime department)

      Tel: 02-3480-3573 / http://spo.go.kr

    • national police agency cyber terror response center

      Tel: 1566-0112 / http://netan.go.kr

  • 12( video processor installation & operation policy)

    Wooree BIO operates video processor as followings,

    • 1. purpose

      facility safety, fire prevention, staff safety, crime prevention

    • 2. access authority

      Below PIC will take a charge of video information protection and personal information compliant processing.

        ① Chief
      • - Name : H.K. Kim
      • - Title : Managing director
      • - Div. : General affairs Team
      • - Tel : 031-599-3112
        ② Manager
      • - Name : S.J. Seo
      • - Title : General Manager
      • - Div. : General affairs Team
      • - Tel : 031-599-3112
    • 3. camera units, location, scope
      • - numbers : 43 units
      • - location & scope : building entrance, inside & outside building, entire area of major buildings
    • 4. time, storage, processing method

      1) recording time, storage period, storage place

      • - time : 24 hours
      • - storage : 30 days from recording date
      • - place : computer center, security center

      2) processing method

      It should be recorded the issues related to usage other than the collected purpose, third party provision, destruction, browsing. After storage period, it should be permanently deleted by non-restorable way (or destoyed when it is printed)

    • 5. browsing

      1) method : making an application to PIC to browse the video

      2) place : general affairs team

    • 6. measurement to the request by principals

      Principals may ask the PIC to browse, confirm, and delete regarding personal video information in case that it is the personal video information and it is obvisously necessary for emergency necessity of physical safety, property interest only.

      Upon the request, Wooree BIO shall take a necessary measurement without delay.

    • 7. safety securement of video information

      Wooree BIO shall keep the video information safely by using code or others. In addition, Wooree BIO will authorize the authorization of access discriminately and record the data of creation & created date, reading date & purpose, reader, and others to prevent falsification as well as secure the device with physical lock

    • 8. record management


      - storage: general affairs team

      - period of storage: 3 years

      - period of retention: 5 years

      Video management register

      - storage: general affairs team

      - period of storage: 3 years

      - period of retention: 5 years

  • 13(notice obligation of policy change)

    The policy has been executed from the enforcement date. In case of changing policy under applicable law or new policy, Wooree BIO shall notify it 7 days prior to execution through the web site.

    • - notification date: 2014. 9. 1. / enforcement date: 2014. 9. 1.